New Year, Old You!

Another year is coming to a close.

It has been a good many months since I sat down to write; motherhood (as a concept and as a reality) having demanded much of my attention this year.

This new parenting gig is far more intense than my partner or I could have predicted – the highs are sweeter and the lows more isolating. Adjusting to new family dynamics, new roles and new responsibilities has been confronting; not just because it is unchartered territory, but also because it has brought us face to face with the old.

Unresolved insecurities from the past, leftover hang-ups from the way we ourselves were parented, and differing value systems have all raised their messy heads to remind us that, in many ways, we are still vulnerable children ourselves, in need of nurturing and guidance.

So as the new year approaches, I’m less inclined to reinvent than I am to rediscover myself. Something tells me I’ll be a better partner and parent for my troubles.


Photo credit: Eyes on Broadway


Published by

Melita Caulfield

Melita believes in living mindfully and authentically which is reflected in her writing and artistic expression.

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